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Everyone is blessed with the gift of life.

And each one of has their own way to think, have different hobbies and passions and ultimately their own way to live the life..

This thing always reminds me of one incidence that had happened in my life.

Once I had put Mehndi on my hand as it was the occasion of my cousin’s wedding.

But then was this marathon of questions coming to me.

That how I do this and most probably why do I do this?

This thing was nothing new for me as since childhood I have hobbies like Cooking, Drawing, Mehndi and Rangoli making.

But one question always comes to my mind.

Is there any classification of hobbies and interests from person to person?

Does every individual have similar interests?

And is there a written standard for classifying interests according to individuals

I believe whatever someone loves is what they should follow irrespective of what others think about it.

There are no boundaries that should limit the fulfilment of your passion..

Following this I always continued to work on my hobbies and find time for them even in my busy academic and job schedule. And I really feel happy as I got many prizes and appreciations for my work during my college days.


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