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3 years ago when I was tired of working in UAE and the city life. It is always busy, crowded, so I decided to go back to my country, specifically my city, DaLat for few days to refresh myself.

DaLat is known as beautiful natural city in Vietnam. The city is surrounded by lot of mountains, there is no traffic, population is low and everything is a bit slow.

Morning in Dalat

During this short stay, i used to wake up early morning. I enjoyed the home balcony where the view of mountains is breathtaking, singing birds are very motivating, fresh grass smell is very relaxing and the cool wind play with your hair and rejuvenate your mind.

Early morning temperature in Dalat at this time was to 10-15 degree. I used to cover myself with a light blanket and award myself  with a cup of hot Vietnamese coffee.

Vietnamese Coffee

Vietnamese coffee is similar to espresso, but the Vietnamese use Robusta coffee instead of Arabica coffee. it is less sour but stronger than espresso.

Roasted and grind coffee is added into a “phin” (a metal coffee filter), with a little boiled water then it is filtered into the glass. it can be mixed with some sweetened condensed milk and if you want cold taste, you can mix some ice cubes as well.

The moment you see a drop of black coffee into the glass, thinking what you have done through the years, what you achieved and what you dream of. At that moment, I find myself back, I find how young and positive I am finding a meaning of my life.

This taste, a little bitten mixed with a little sweet is a reflection of your life. each and every one in this world has been through ups and downs, but life will always give you a fruit if you try your best and never give up.

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