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Many of the interests we have today are gifted to us by our parents. This one was also not an exception.

Parents try to fulfill their dreams which they couldn’t through the medium of their children.  Such a dream was of learning to play guitar. My mother is very fond of music and musical instruments.

In my school life there came a day where I had to decide as to which musical instrument I wanted to learn in school. There were many options open in front of me. I was totally confused. But my mother, she always dreamt of me having a guitar in my hand.

So, without my knowledge she took me to a shop and bought me a guitar of my favourite colour. I was happy but at the same time i was also nervous.  Because it wasn’t just a guitar it was my mother’s first dream she wanted me to fulfill.

With great enthusiasm and excitement I went to my first guitar class. Every time I came back from my class her eyes wanted me to play a tune for her.

But I hadn’t learned a specific tune yet. Within a month I was the first one in class to learn a small tune with perfection.

That day I was too eager to reach home. The first thing i did after reaching was, took my guitar and played it.

The smile and happiness that I saw on her face was an achievement for me.


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