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Unresolved Mystery

There are many unsolved mysterious places in different parts of the world that have puzzled everyone. Here is one such mystery at a location in India which I am trying to unravel here below. The objective is to build curiosity and not act as a spoiler.

Magnetic Hill

The magnetic hill is located at an altitude of 14,000 ft, near a place called Leh in Ladakh, India. The magnetic hill has an unresolved mystery around a certain patch, which seems to be uphill. At this point, if you leave your vehicle in neutral gear with brakes unlocked, then it’ll begin moving uphill steadily on its own. In other words, the stationary vehicles are pulled upwards by the hill.

The Phenomenon That Defies Gravity

Having heard these gravity-defying facts about this place I was very tempted to try this, so went behind the wheels of the tempo traveler/ minibus.

As envisaged, our vehicle started moving at a speed of 25-30km per hour. Having done some research before coming to this place, I did realise there were two theories for this phenomenon.

  1. Theory of Magnetic force: There is a great amount of magnetic energy in this place (apparently it is said that the hill emits it), thereby pulling vehicles within its range towards it.
  2. Theory of optical illusion: The gravity-defying phenomenon is actually an optical illusion which causes the downslope leading to the Magnetic Hill to appear like an uphill/ upslope. This makes any vehicle which goes downhill, appear as if it were going uphill.

After looking at the road from different angles, I found out that actually the uphill is an illusion, and instead it is downhill, due to which the vehicles move on its own.

If anyone ever travels to this place, you would be amazed at the gravity-defying phenomenon, magnetic force, or unresolved mystery of magnetic hill.

Did you see gravity defying before, watch this video

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