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As a kid I always loved design and craft.  But I was so bad that drawing for my journals would be equal to a survival task of man vs wild.

Rangoli is an art form prevalent in the lives of every Indian. I have always thought of it as very auspicious. My friends could draw it, my mother could do it but my little hands were incapable of controlling the sand as per my wish.

I was envious of everyone who could do it . But sometimes envy can take you through a rollercoaster ride of determination and faith in oneself. I started trying to hold the colorful sand in my hands, soon they started obeying me, they started taking shapes and designs of my wish as of they were my jinn who would fulfill my deepest desires.

Initially I could draw smaller designs.  But slowly I started challenging myself to draw better and bigger designs, and who knew that one day I’ll be one of the best in my area to do it.

My designs started getting magnificent with every passing Diwali. And what led me to is right in front of you. I guess wise men were right when they said hard work always pays off in ways you cannot imagine!!! 

Now I am proud to say that I am the best at what I love doing.I m the best at Rangoli and the passion of my heart was at rest peacefully and smiling!. 

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