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In 1990’s…… going to college for girls in our community rather in our family was not considered good for a decent girls. But I was a rebellious one! All day and night I kept convincing my parents to allow me to go for college…. until they got me married.

After all they were my parents….even they didn’t agree over it. But finally I succeeded….you know….blackmailing always works. I was permitted to attend to the college with a list of restrictions and guidance. Even I made up mind to follow them all. And I did it too.

Days passed, almost 5-6 months of my first year had completed. I had a group of friends in my college…. followed from my school too. They used to go out some times, bunk classes and much more. But me as a good girl of my parents with all the instruction over my head did never accompany them.

But then there came a day when it was my best friend’s birthday. Uhhh!!… We couldn’t fix any plan as I was not accompanying them anywhere. But then I decided not to spoil their fun and once for a life go with them.

Tithal a beach near our city is a wonderful place to go for. From home I left like I was going to regular college. But from there all the fun started. We all gathered at our college and from there left for  the beach. I was so scared, to be seen by any of my family members as I was lying to them. We reached Tithal and I stayed stunned seeing the sun. It was never so beautiful before, then ever. We cut the birthday cake and had some handful snacks from the city itself. Even we had some play time like truth and dare,  dance and much more. Clicking pictures was the best part, as it captured the best moments of that day.

Now it was  time for us to go home. As we were nearing my home a sense of fear started concurring me. I had never lied to my mom before. The guilt in me started overtaking all the fun I had the whole day. Though some of my friends said that I should still not tell my mom about my bunk. But I followed my conscious saying me. “You never lie to your mom”

I went home and stood in front of my mother with my eyes down site….. With lot of guilt in my tone…. I told her “I hadn’t followed your rules and had bunked college for the day. I was very sorry for that with a very heavy heart”. I had a feeling that she will say “Your college ends her itself”. But to my surprise, she said “Its ok, you can sometimes do that but with my permission. It was a great relief for me. But that fear was enough to teach me a lesson for a life time.

Collectively, it was the most adventurous and exciting day I ever had.

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