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Travelling through air is becoming as common as walking or cycling. But still doesn’t matter how many times you have seen the clouds beneath from the window every time you fly above the clouds it gives a different feeling. And the first time we travel in a aero-plane is something I think most of the people remember for life.

My First flight

My first experience with aero-plane came in 2017 when I was headed to Hyderabad to join at my base location, after finishing my training in Trivandrum, Kerala.  We were 8 friends traveling to different parts of the country for same reason. We chose train from Trivandrum to Kochi to make the last few hours more memorable and from there everyone would take their respective flights.

Security Check

Even for the domestic short flights, the security layers are very strict. From the very entrance of the door till when you pass the entry gate towards boarding area. Every place is highly secure, one need to get their ID, ticket, baggage, themselves everything checked. Remove any metal object and display it separately.

Woww. And if you are going for first time, all these just make you more anxious. So was I, it was like I came to some alien planet.

I was nervous and excited

I was alone for Hyderabad. Nervous, excited, thoughtful, confused and what not. I cannot explain the feeling. Even the security person there understood it was my first time and he assured me it will be fine and I will enjoy the ~2 hour journey (it was such nice gesture from him). I remember my heart beat going fast when this metal box belonging to Indigo took off and sailed in the air. The landscape getting smaller gradually and then vanishing. The excitement when I found myself above the clouds. The awestruking span of white and grey clouds as far as I could see.

Photography in the plane

It was indeed a once in a life time experience. And the excitement to capture everything in my lens. Well I do not feel excited to capture photos in a flight anymore, but I still enjoy each of my flights. Below is few pics that I took that day.

the first flight

Do you have similar experience? Do you remember your first flight ?

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