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I live in Dubai; the city tourists are always willing to add in their list. I was in this magnificent city from 2 years but never had the chance to go to see all the great places people come to see here, like the Burj Khalifa Top, Dubai Frame, Ski Dubai, Miracle Garden and many more the list is never ending.

My First Adventure in Dubai

This was my first time going for a Desert Safari, we had guests who came from INDIA. So, my father arranged the car through a travel agent (Friends Travel & Tourism LLC), They charged us for the trip 600 AED as we booked a full car, which allowed 7 persons to be accommodate. They also had an option of 100 AED per person on sharing basis.

Bikes are always fun

The Prado came to pick us up at four in the evening with so much excitement filling us. We reached at a location in approx. 40 mins just after the roads ended. This place had so many merchandises for sale and quad bikes for rental, to drive them on the sand. We rented three bikes 50 AED each, two for each. We had a lot of fun in this 45 minutes stop.

Time for some suspense

After this we headed towards the desert and the driver made it feel like we were in a roller coaster. All were enjoying the ride so much that they started yelling and making noise. I felt like I was going to be deaf till the car stops somewhere, at last we stopped in the middle of the desert to do some sand bashing. We clicked plenty of pictures and our shoes were full of sand. All the other cars started to leave so we also sat in the car.

The surprise was that our car didn’t work! In the middle of the desert. Nobody actually panicked, we actually enjoyed this also. And after some time the driver arranged another car and it was almost dark till it came. Here I understood the importance of booking things from some reputed company, If something similar happens they can help to get it happen right.

The Desert Camp

We were late to reach the desert camp and missed our camel rides. The camp of the desert safari had dance show, fire show, magic show accompanied with dinner. There was also a Henna designer, who offered a free small design, me and my sister got it done and loved it a lot.

There was also facility for overnight stay but we preferred to return home. We tried to convinced the camel guy to give us the ride which we missed. He agreed to give it only for the children. I was so scared to sit on the camel, it looked so hard for me but then my sister sat so felt like trying to do it. That was a joyride. We sat once again in the car to go back form there. I fell asleep just a few minutes after we started, and woke up only reaching home.

This desert safari was a great experience. The car gave us trouble but it was so good to have an experience to be under the sky in the middle of nowhere.

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