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All of us have a dark side. It is very common, that’s why we are humans. No one is perfect here. It is how we can control it. Do we let it over power us and succumb to it or we keep such feelings in check and dwell to become better person.

Thoughts behind the art

With these thoughts, I had started making this sketch. First I made the male one, then I decided to make one more for female counterpart. Essentially we all are humans, the male-female comes a lot later (and from the point of art, the female sketch came better 😅🤪).

I showed the male sketch to my sir under whom I used to practice, he said its okay and made some improvements (without disturbing whatever I had made). He asked me why am I making this type of sketch, I told him my thoughts. He was impressed that I am giving so much of thought to my art works. The female sketch I drew the following week, if I remember correctly.

dark side male

I always have some thoughts running in my mind when attempt to do any drawing or poem. I think it is same with everyone practicing a particular form of art. Isn’t it?

Fast-forward on time scale

It was almost four or five years ago. Well, I have a habit of taking snaps of my sketches for back up (only those in which I feel I succeeded in depicting my thoughts) and hence I still have those in my phone gallery.

The thing is after these many years I still feel the same way, that each of us has a dark side, irrespective of caste, creed and gender and which part of earth we belong to.

We when in good environment or with good upbringing try to suppress the darker side with well nurtured and trained consciousness. And people who are not lucky enough to have good positive surrounding while they are growing up, more often than not may get over powered by the inner darkness. But, inherently we are all similar. When we start, we are neither good nor bad, that’s is something we become over time.

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