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How did I start writing and eventually ended-up authoring a book?

Trip Hangover

Exactly one year ago, after returning from Leh Ladakh, all my fellow riders of the wind though were physically back at their home cities, but their souls (including mine) were still wandering on the bikes in the magnificent valleys. To name a few instances, the very next day after landing I did call one of my friends before his normal wake-up time (around 7.30 a.m.) to push him out of bed and asked him to get ready for sightseeing. He jokingly mentioned he was waiting for my wake-up call only. Then I called another one and asked him to check the petrol level in his bike and to refuel it😉 as if we still on the road trip.

Also, for a week the family group on WhatsApp was constantly buzzing with trip-related discussions, instances, experiences, while the videos and photos kept flowing freely. After seeing the images, videos, I was getting goosebumps and my brain was flashing signals of the road that we had beckoned even after a few days of returning.

I went gaga about the places that we visited, while I was getting the post-travel blues and passionately explained about our trip journey, pristine beauty with minute details, to my wife, other family members, friends, and colleagues at work.


This trip had potentially transformed lives of few of us, i) 1st friend, who did attempt to be an early bird for few days and took up walking for staying healthy; ii) 2nd friend, who tried his hand at film-making by compiling all the videos, editing then and released a trailer of our trip; and iii) myself  – wherein I took up writing by wearing an author’s hat inspite of not having prior experience of even blogging.

Book Story:

The initial thought was to write a travel blog of 2 pages only. After I started penning my initial thoughts, the background, and the build-up to the actual travel journey, I did realise the content was too large/ heavy for a blog. Eventually, on being insisted by another colleague I continued to write the book.

Mid-way, realizing the hard labor and humongous effort being put in, I wanted to get real-time and genuine feedback which would have helped in deciding on the fact whether if it is worth to continue writing and completing the book.

That is where the critiques (my select friends) came in and encouraged me to pen the actual story further. This is exactly how I start writing and eventually ended-up authoring a book.


I hope to inspire readers through my writing, life experiences, and short stories in order to encourage people, bring back smile on faces, and spread positivity around.

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