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7 Years back I discovered a very special drink that brings you so much energy and restores your power!

This was due to my first Ramadan where I spent with my new family. I saw it on the table, it was a very strange looking drink, so I asked, what is it made of? And my husband told me all about it. When I tried it I was amazed, not only by it’s taste, but by the energy that filled my body, I took a photo of it and memorized how to make it.

This amazing drink consists of dates, dry grapes, dry plum and dry apricot, all these parts must be boiled with small amount of sugar and some water for at least 10 minutes and then milk is poured on it while it’s in the cup. It is done! It is a very delicious and nutritious drink, which is made for Iftar time (time when you need to break the fast) and start eating. Now I regularly prepare  it for my family during the month of Ramadan.

And if you are not someone who is fasting, this is just a great energy booster, something that can quickly put you back in shape at anytime 🙂

Trust me! This sweet taste is incomparable. You will start to feel power in your body and strength to continue the day. And although, It is a traditional drink of an Egyptian family in Ramadan, every family may have its own way of preparation, but the ingredients are mainly the same.

Give it a try and you won’t regret 🙂

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