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Ramadan Mubarak to all !!

I want to tell you about my Ramadan. I live in Alexandria, Egypt. Nowadays people are preparing for the happiest month in the year. Its ramadan time. Lots of food are bought before this Holy month and houses are decorated with ramadan style pillows, curtains, toys, lighters, fanus. Fanus is the special lighter ,the symbol of Ramadan.

All want to be prepared before fasting start. Here people like to sleep till in day time and then be awake till late night. Families like to invite each other and prepare tasty food.

This special month is aimed for forgiveness and cleaning of sins. All people give food and money for poor, it’s called Sadaka.

Obligatory for person to fast not only with food but also by mouth. It means not to tell bad words, be clean in mind. Reading of Quran, book of Allah, is very important and precious in this month. It gives person higher faith and pure heart.

Tomorrow already is the first day of Ramadan.  I congratulate all the Muslims and wish  that all of you take the best from this month. Be honest, kind, forgiving, pure, good person! May Allah forgive our sins and make us better people!

Ramadan Mubarak!

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