Points System

All users of thephotostory.info will be automatically enrolled in a reward program that works with a points system. Points can be converted to Euros and users will be able to redeem them against a digital gift card to be used for online purchases.

Users will be able to collect points in many ways through various website activities as listed Below.

1. Points System:

Action Points Conditions
Viewing a post



Commenting on a post


Spam comments








You get two points only for each unique post.


Excluding commenting on your own posts


Irrelevant talks, advertising or asking viewers to check your own story.

Visiting the website 5 Once daily.
Referring a visitor 3 Visitors clicking through your affiliate link.
Referring a member 12  

Registrations through your shared link.

** Please note that any shared link from the side buttons will be already having the affiliate ID, so it is a good idea to share your post instead of sharing the homepage.


Publishing a story 200  

No daily limit, you will get 200 points for each approved and published story.


2. Points Value:

  • 150 Points are equivalent to 1 EU.

3. Points Redemption:

  • You can use the points to exchange for e-giftcard Mastercard available for purchases from online stores all over the globe.
  • Minimum threshold for points redemption is 7500 Points equivalent to 50 Euros.

E-Gift card Mastercard

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