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Life of a housewife revolves around cooking, kids and relatives. Most of our life is spent in between the walls of home. So, when an unexpected vacation is planned to one of the favorite destinations, it was a dream come true.

This vacation was 8 years after my honeymoon, a story to be shared later. It was a different experience as my husband is not a traveler. He loves work more than going on a holiday :).

The Only Plan is “No Plan”

He has his own way of planning a trip, where it is nothing planned. He believes to enjoy it as it goes, plans make it too obvious which is not at all entertaining. First, I used to think he is doing it in a wrong way. But one or two trips with him be it as small as a half day picnic, made it feel adventurous as nothing was certain to happen and full of surprises.

He loves to travel by car as it is possible to go at any place without even thinking for a second. The trip was planned to start in 2 days and it was a week long trip with the only known things were the ride (Our car), destination (Mahabaleshwar). We were still to decide who will accompany us on the trip.

Ready to go!

Where, I always liked to go on a lonely trip, he loved to take as many as he can accommodate in the car. But anyhow a vacation was a very needed thing for the moment, I didn’t mind the extra people to be added.

We always started all our trips before the sun rise. The idea is to have most of the road covered by the mid day or reach at some destination to enjoy the rest of the day.

It was hard to even get some sleep for these 2 days before the trip. The excitement and possibilities to make stops at amazing places on the way could be endless. Nothing was planned not even the stay at the destination. Adding to the excitement having two kids of age 3yrs and 1yr.

The next day morning was the trip to start, everything was prepared for the road to take with us. The snacks and clothes and any essentials required.

The long trip of 580 kms will be with more details shared soon as it will be one story per stop.

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