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It was today, already my 6th PCR test! And guess what, it is also negative 😎

Actually that was the most painful one, yet, it was the most professional and organized. I wouldn’t have thought of writing such story but what I had today at the American Hospital in Dubai woke me up to something that is really interesting.

What is PCR test?

PCR stands for Polymerase Chain Reaction, it is used to diagnose if you have an active infection by detecting the virus genetic material. It is supposed to be the most accurate and convenient way in detecting a COVID-19 infection.

The whole thing is about preventing the spread of coronavirus by isolating infected people, and accordingly they won’t allow their travel.

Quarantine for Love

It is a long story! Uh!

This have started in March when I had to travel from Cairo to Bulgaria passing by both Turkey and Czech Republic. I had my wife with me through this trip to our final destination in her home city Varna.writing a story

Unfortunately, I had to fly back on 16th of March while she was planned to come 3 days later and that was when she got locked for 2 months! That was one of the hardest times we both ever had. I was flying on monthly basis and may be twice in a month, once and for all we got locked and each in a different country.

It took me long time to find a special flight, which took me from Cairo to Frankfurt to Sofia, then Varna. That was a two days trip during Ramadan.

And yes, I had to be quarantined for 14 days. No symptoms or sickness, just because I traveled. I have been isolated at home for 14 days and the police came to check me on daily basis.

What was funny here is that I was staying with my wife and she was able to move freely. Just find me any logic!

I stayed in Bulgaria for 5 weeks which after I had to leave. I didn’t need any more tests traveling back to Cairo, but unfortunately I still had to travel without my wife. She had to help her family business, so I decided to leave her for few weeks and come back in August thinking there won’t be any more quarantine.

PCR test in Egypt

In July, I had to travel to Dubai for a week. They said travelers should make PCR test. PCR, what is this? Fortunately, I had a contact who referred me to a lab who could make it at home. Guess what, he took the sample on the street, wearing NO mask😷, no precautions and the cost of this test was 150 USD.😤

Dubai PCR test

On reaching Dubai airport, they didn’t have enough with this. Actually, they made for me another PCR test at the Dubai airport! Then I had to be quarantined till I received the message that I have a negative PCR test. This took almost 12 hours.

This applies to all passengers traveling to Dubai. They have to go through PCR test upon arrival, however, to carry the test from your origin country depends on where you are coming from. ( Read more information about requirements as per nationality)

PCR for Bulgaria

We waited for long thinking they will take the quarantine down, however, it never happened. Things looked like getting worse. It is the time I had to make my third PCR test, I used the same lab who was getting it stamped and approved from the government.

Quarantined manOn reaching Sofia airport, they randomly checked it, and guess what? They even didn’t double check the document with my identity. I felt that this was such a waste.

This time I didn’t have to get into any quarantine. We just spent beautiful three weeks working with my wife and planned our travel back to Cairo on 24th of August. Here was the turn of my wife to have her PCR share. Read our travel story here.

Fake PCR tests

Traveling again from Cairo to Dubai, I came to know a shocking fact 😮 when I was dealing again with the same lab! They first told me I have to pay more as it should be stamped from somewhere extra…
By the time of reaching airport and while boarding they asked me which lab has made it. At this time I came to know that the guy who made for me the test and many other other labs are just making the tests themselves and go stamp it from this lab, that is approved by Emirates! How smart!

The incident was discovered when many Egyptians carrying tests from Ain Shams University Hospital, a governmental hospital that was doing the most tests in Cairo arrived from Egypt with Negative test and on undertaking Dubai test, they test positive!

I researched this on google and i found something relevant, you can check it out! ( Egyptian administrative employee arrested over forging coronavirus certificate)

PCR test in Dubai- American Hospital

covid negative test resultAnyhow, I travelled to Dubai and upon arrival I made another test at the airport of Dubai. As I’m traveling within 5 days, again I had to make another test today, so, the 6th. It is when I came to know that all other tests I made was just an act of doing. It is more painful as it really reached where it should reach and the funny fact is that it costed only 40 USD! I received the result only after 6 hours.

Is this all real?



Whether it is lab made or naturally mutated, no one can deny the fact that COVID-19 virus exist. But the thing is, is it that big? Did we really make the real measurements to contain it and maintain the society well being? Do the people in charge are really doing their job or they are just following what world financial powers are asking them to do?

I simply see that no one knows anything, even those in charge of health. Everyone does an act of doing something. It feels like they don’t want to stay without an opinion in such a world case of collapse. In some countries, as Egypt, it is only business, there is no real quarantine. We never had a real social distancing or curfew. Guys, Egypt doesn’t belong to this.. and it is sure in many other countries.

My point of view is that Quarantine and Job losses are much worse on human health than COVID-19 Panic. Many died also from depression, many committed suicide and many others are living only in pain of poverty or hopelessness. Why everything turns to be a media show!? Why we don’t really see what people needs as a minimum for a simple life rather than filling their minds with propaganda!? 

Things to consider for PCR Test

  • Make sure that the lab you are using is approved by destination country
  • It is painful, relax and it will pass 🙂
  • Don’t make PCR test if you don’t need it, it actually increases your chances of infection as it injures your inner tissues. Have symptoms first before considering this test
  • Timing is critical, you need to bring a result that is negative within last three days, so you have to be punctual with ticket booking and test dates.
  • PCR world wide price ranges now from 40-60 USD so don’t pay more!
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  • Darina
    Posted September 28, 2020 7:55 pm 0Likes

    Hope one day it will be created a safe and fast true test without any pain and trouble!

  • SpiritofLolla
    Posted September 28, 2020 8:22 pm 0Likes

    Do you remember how I cried when I made this COVID test. I really hated the feeling, it lasted till the end of the day.

    • Mo Bayoumi
      Posted September 28, 2020 8:24 pm 0Likes

      How would I forget that :D!? I also remember you wanted to go alone and I insisted to come as I expected how it will feel on you. Al Hamdulillah, I hope I finished my last PCR today 🙂

  • Suraj Gagnani
    Posted September 29, 2020 7:07 am 0Likes

    Really it is true, other mental state due to covid is creating more disaster than covid itself. And everyone is after grabing a business opportunity.
    May it be health care, schools, or other businesses.
    They show everyone is helped and facilitate but where it is provided no one knows it is only in the news. The affected are still seeking it.

  • Ahmed Ibrahim
    Posted September 29, 2020 7:11 am 0Likes

    Mo, I feel your pain. I have had your same experience and it made me wonder about the legitimacy of the people conscious more than the virus itself.

    • Mo Bayoumi
      Posted September 29, 2020 8:00 am 0Likes

      Thanks dear, safety measures are important and people health is above all. But is it really what they give us now? this was my question. Many people on the social media take it so naive, However, when we speak about real care for people, we will isolate only the high risk, make others work while managing the safety measures to keep a low rate of infection that will allow a herd immunity to stop the virulence of the virus in a short time rather than waiting for a second wave, this is one point. The second more obvious point that psychological and economical impacts are not far less harmful the infection with the virus its self. And finally, what we Egyptians saw from no real quarantine or safety measures makes us highly doubt this is really a serious sickness as per what is propagated. Anyway, stay safe and it would be great if you share also something 😉

      • SpiritofLolla
        Posted September 29, 2020 4:34 pm 0Likes

        How could you be so right. The order of this world is so messed up.

      • Ahmed Ibrahim
        Posted September 30, 2020 5:23 pm 0Likes

        You hit home with these points. This virus is unique that even my prospective and attitude also unpredictable. I swing between maybe this is a big lie all the way to full isolation and don’t wanna deal with anyone.
        Our work push to get back as normal as we can and if something went wrong we got you covered 100% even with med evacuation if needed. I still feel I can’t trust them, but also know it’s work. It needed to be done. Somebody has to do it with or without me.
        I am not sure any more and the sad thing is my capacity to support someone else is depleted.

  • Rida
    Posted September 29, 2020 2:57 pm 0Likes

    There are so many sad realities..

  • Maged Samy
    Posted September 30, 2020 7:51 pm 0Likes

    How would you prove what you claimed about Egypt fake PCR?

    • Mo Bayoumi
      Posted October 1, 2020 10:36 am 0Likes

      Hi Dear, I have already updated the story with an official news link that proves the same.
      Thanks for reading

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