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End of a journey

Three years and two months since I joined my first company as Software Engineer- Trainee, I finally said good bye to it. To seek better opportunities explore the unknown world of IT sector.

It has been a great journey and I learnt a lot of things on the way that I would remember always, but as its said- “all journeys come to an end someday.”

Past 3 years

I worked from my companies office and client/customer’s office both. got to know so many people, made so many friends. I had chances to visit one of the world’s largest companies.

Blood donation drives (A good memory):

When I was working from client office they arranged a blood donation camp. I participated and donated blood. The collected blood were to be given to an NGO who further uses them to treat thalassemia patients. According to a study every year approximately 100,000 children with Thalassemia Major are born world over. It was indeed a good initiative from our customer.

Also, I still remember that day my manager and his superior were visiting the office for some meeting, and they arrived just when I was giving blood. Both of them came to me and said encouraging words and my manager praised me for my good performance at work. It is a great feeling when your manager praises you in front of his superior it means a lot. He even told me to take 1 hr. rest before I start working again on that day. He was so positive and supportive.

Key Resource

Thanks to my good performance and ability to learn quickly. I soon became a key resource of the project. I had to help all other teams, everyone including my manager and other leads had expectations that whatever technical issue come, Anand can mostly take care of that. Anyone gets  any blockers (with tools, frameworks, concepts) I became the go to person. Honestly, these all felt very good, but it wasn’t helping my career. And as I was becoming more and more important resource my manager was resistant to release me and get me into any other project where I can learn and grow. It was slowly becoming difficult. The special feeling was soon over, and I was at the same place with no growth. It was then I started thinking of changing job.

Hunt for new job

Getting a new job wasn’t very easy. Before I could start applying I had to prepare for months, learn different tools, do practice on them. I gave 4 interviews and was successful in most of them, but then due to one or other reason I didn’t get the job offer. In few companies I even discussed salary with HR and then had to drop the offer. It was in my 4th interview and 3-4 months since I started applying, I got an offer. But just 2 weeks left in my joining that the lock down happened. It was in April and my joining got delayed by 6 months. you can think how it felt. And due to covid-19 all companies started laying off, leave alone recruiting new people. I again had to wait.

I did not stop learning, I did many online courses in that time. And finally in September last week I got another offer. A better one than before. Now I have joined in my new company and really excited to work with them. Also, I cannot explain how satisfying it is. More than 1 year of hard work and patience finally paid off.

The image you see is from my last working day. As we were working from home, I had to submit them to my previous companies office on the last day.

Lessons Learnt & Career Advice

1. Have patience, and be prepared. You don’t know what destiny has to offer.

2. Whatever happens happens for good. We may not see it instantly but in time you will realize.

3. Never get attached to any role at office or your job in general. At the end of the day it’s just a job.

4. To keep moving is important. Remember – “Rolling stone gathers no moss.”

If you are wondering why I left. Well as said “to keep moving is important”. I am switching to a new and challenging role. Wish me luck 🙂

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