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My struggle with weight i think is continuing for all my grown up life. Now i am a winner, but only 1 year ago i was a looser!

I was about 84 kilos and my mood was just awful. I dreamed to wake up one day seeing in the mirror a girl with 60 kilos and a beautiful figure. Just slim person ,at whom I can look with pleasure. This moment did not happen. Even I tried to make some efforts in loosing overweight, but after short time everything went back.

I was in despair sure. I have two kids who are still small and i always could not find time for myself.

Cooking was for all and sure time for eating is late. I thought that one day i would start to make exercise and start to prepare healthy meals but always the thought was not now. I started to have problems with thyroid, heart, pressure. And i decided, ENOUGH! I must fight for my health!

First step was to cut my portions and stop eating after 7 PM. In the morning i allowed myself something sweet but not later.

I started to make some easy walk at home, step by step, after some time, I started to drink at least 1,5 liter of water. Green tea without sugar! It gave result! I lost for first month 7 kilos.

I decided to continue. More healthy food, more Greenery, more healthy dates! I cut sweets, eat more vegetables and meat. After few i lost 10 kilos more. I was already very satisfied with my new size, shape and health but I am still  continuing my way of losing weight.5 more Kgs was my achievement for last month,So a total of 22.

I’m very proud of myself. I have mood to look at the mirror and have changed my wardrobe. It is the time to admire myself. I feel very very happy and want to share this experience with other women who lost hope !

Don’t give up! everything is possible. I take now hormone therapy to support my thyroid. It sure disturbs but i accept it as a fact.  With right food and regular sports, it can work ! Any questions, with pleasure will answer and help you !

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