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Winning a crunch match

It was in 2018, during corporate sports event. I was playing for the basketball team of my account (In our company we are have in different ISU –>Accounts–>Project Teams ). Each account has one team in the sports events .

The match

We had already won the league matches and this was the semi-finals. The opponent team was the best team of the event, they hadn’t lost any match in league and were dominating in all games. In their team there were 3 corporate level basket ball players(who represented our company in bigger platforms). We weren’t very strong team. Not bad,  but  not the strongest as well. Our manager was playing to, he is a very good player, so the moral and motivation was very high. I think that was what made us give more than 100 percent and it was a match to remember.

First half

In start of the game they dominated. we scored 3 baskets scoring 5 points that included one basket from me, while the other team scored 10 points. And more than that we were loosing a lot of energy in this particular game we had to run and struggle a lot. In break we were decided to do one to one marking to stop them from scoring and if we can keep the ball in their court there were chances that we may win the game. “We must save our energy to compete with them”

Second half

We started working on the plan. Manager on shooting guard, me on point guard and others at their assigned position. Our defense proved good and till last five minutes were left in the game we managed to stop them from scoring and we scored 2 baskets. The scoreboard was now 10-9. But then they got a 3 pointer. Score 13-9. we needed minimum 5 points to win given they do not score again. The situation was tensed. Everyone was giving their 100 percent. Even the opponent acknowledged that it was the best game they were having(well we all work for same company so, everyone is friends only).

The big guy scores

Hardly 2 minutes left, we thought we will loose, may be with close margin. But then a sudden strike and our manager scored 2 back to back baskets in less than a minute. Score 13-13. It was a low scoring match indeed. 30 seconds left in the game, I, the point guard had the ball in hand, we needed one point to win. At that moment I decided out of instinct to go for it myself instead passing the ball to anyone. I made a run towards basket and I guess it was less than 10 seconds left when I could put the ball to its place. 2 points. And done. We won! Score – 15-13.

Our manager got the player of the match. We entered the finale. I got the last minute fame and noticed by many superiors who came to see the match, everyone congratulated. I think that’s why it’s a match to remember 😋.

It was a good day at game. A tough day too.

A lifelong match

As persistence and hope  were the keys who made us win this match with a wonderful come back, they are also the keys for success in anything in life. I see the life as a long match that will end by winning on both long term and short term if we are that persistent. If we don’t lose the hope. There is always a morale we get from stories, and there is always a good thing behind sports :).

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