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Do you believe in Internet love? Distance relationships? 🥰
My love story seems to be not unique, but all these things, described below, happened in my life. 😍

I was 19 when I met my husband, on the internet. I wanted to practice my English and he wanted to practice his Russian. Funny, right? The fate made us meet on the same site at the suitable time. We started to speak.⌨ At first, we found out that we had the same interests, desires and dreams. Our life principles were the same. We were both innocent🐣, did not smoke, drink and liked to stay at home.

The language of our conversation was English and we did not have any problem to communicate with each other. The only differences which could break our relationship were culture and faith. And that made for us the biggest trouble. My “internet” friend was an Egyptian and me – Belarusian. 🌍.

Every day we were waiting for each other to speak about life, and everyday we got closer. The distance made us sad because that time I studied at university and we couldn’t meet. 🏝
One day I felt that it would not be any future, because I was not from his country and had another religion and upbringing. I blocked that person. Done. My life continued without him.❌❌❌

One and a half year passed… My mind and heart were still in fight. I was between two things: love to that man and fear of changing my country.🙄😔
After one huge step with my faith happened, my life changed. Completely.
I decided to unblock my friend and to see what was going on in his life. Guess what, i just unblocked him and he texted me the next day. I didn’t expect that message. I was very happy and excited ☺️. He was also happy that i m not engaged with someone yet.

He told me that all the time, he was thinking about me and someone whispered to his ear to text me. Darina…Darina…appeared in his head. That message leaded us to a marriage. He did not want to lose me again. He proposed me after one week of talking, and, I agreed.😇 Without any doubt! My heart was calm and sure of my partner.
After several months of preparations I came to Egypt to marry my best man. It was the right and best decision ever.
Now we have two kids, girl and boy, and have been living in Egypt for 7 years already. We are grateful for our fate which God chose for us.

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