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There are days in your life you can never forget, even if you were so young it is still there stamped deep in your memory.

One of those days for me was a day my family decided to go to the forest with their friends. They prepared food, took the things needed for the picnic and we moved to search any suitable place, I was only 4 years old.

Once we reached the family started to prepare things, meanwhile my father started to take photos with his camera. He took me and climbed to a tree. Then he left me alone there so that he takes a photo, I was extremely happy and excited little monkey, my smile on the photo shows my feelings , but then… my father joked that he will leave me there as I looked like I’m home there… I became emotional and started to scream and cry. Everyone heard me and began to laugh, and at this time I realized my fear of heights, because I looked down and saw that I won’t deal with this alone. Seems like I took the things very serious… but for the adults that comedy with my main role started to be a dramatic show.😅 Soon my father took me from the tree and I finally relaxed and felt safe. I remember that I did not want to repeat this climbing again ever!

My picnic finished on a positive wave. This photo reminds me about that time where it was only about enjoying a happy child life and till now makes for me that vivid picture of the event!

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