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I am not a chess player, I only know some basic moves. one-day while browsing YouTube, i came across a maker who built a chess board which lights up the square when a piece is placed on it.

I grew up with the hobby of making new things, and that has never faded for the almost four decades i have been living. This chess board inspired me to revive my passion for is making new things. I bought a 3 D printer, and started to make a chess board, but with my vision. 

I needed some new designs for the pieces to make my creation stand out. After a lot of browsing and thinking, i decided to go with the ancient Egyptian characters, the great warriors that has their mark in the history.

I made a massive board with lighting and motion sensors. I started working on it, dedicating my free time each day and it took me 40 days to reach the final version.

Thinking about this, going through the work and finishing it this way was done by the inspiration of “lighting up your space yourself”.

Light up your space yourself, no matter what you are, no matter what your position is, and nor your size matters. The only thing which matters is the space you are in should be lightened by your own self, so as to keep the energy, inspiration and dedication to complete your task at your level best.

Once heard from a wise man, “No one should look up to someone nor look down to someone. As all jobs are of equal importance may it be a peon of a company or a Director, may it be a grasshopper or an elephant, all have their own importance in this universe, just the most important thing is to do your job with full dedication”  

If each of us does this with their own space, to light it up, imagine the world to be an enlightened place and there will be no place for darkness, depression, sadness and other negative feelings.

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