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Sky After Rain

I reached home after having a long day in office; it was raining outside with heavy storm and my heart was beating fast as I could hear rustling of leaves. After half an hour, storm stopped and now it was just little rain with cool wind. I went to roof with my cat for a walk. Everything was looking clear and attractive. Air was fresh. I looked up and saw the sky. And I took this picture.

It looked so attractive that I kept watching and clicking pictures. I may paint this too J

Behind The Sky

I was watching the Sky and was thinking that ‘What’s behind ?’ Is there another world? The sky basically lies above the surface of earth. Are there people and is this the place we are going to be one day sooner or later. I believe in life after death or I should say a new world after death.

Beginning Of New World

I went into an imagination; ‘I die and arrive in new place, new world, new beginning with no end, that world is real, that world is permanent, I can see my loved ones whom I lost years ago, I ran towards them , hugged them and told that I missed them. They are telling me that they know what I used to say to them, I used to say ,”Good bye Until we meet again” and see here we are. Air is different here and there is no fear of storm, flood or any natural disaster. I can now stay with my loved ones without fear. And here is no Virus, no restrictions J. I was surrounded by good people only. The world is full of peace, love and beauty. I am holding my cats and they are happy to see me I am glad that they still remember me. Water falls are so beautiful and I can easily stay here and relax without any worries or fears’

believe in after life


How can we get to this beautiful, fearless and peaceful world?

Just look around, who are we? Humans. Be a good human!! be good to each other and other living beings. Spread love and just believe in Life after death.
Do not fight to earn luxuries’, fight with your own soul(evil inside us) to get the key to this beautiful world, Trust me, this world is worth fighting for.

Put your efforts to get permanent world not these temporary fake attractive looking things.

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