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So it’s finally done.

I with so much of  joy want to tell you all that my first solo book is published. 🙂

book cover
The Book Cover

How it started

I used to submit my poems on story mirror’s portal for a long time, and happened to participate in a year long poetry contest in which we had to submit at least one poem each week. That contest really changed a lot of things with my writing as I started writing regularly, I started giving more thoughts to my poems.

During that time I used to write almost everyday, I used to think a lot, read other writers. I started writing poems on social topics, or topics that would make the reader think through conveying a message. Sometimes I would just sit and keep working on one poem the whole day. When the contest was was over I didn’t stop writing and after a couple of months had enough poems that I wished to publish in form of a book so I reached story mirror team again with this request. After analyzing my manuscript they accepted it. The editors liked all my poems, all poems were accepted without any changes. Hence the journey of being a published author began. It was in February this year.


Cover design, pagination, proof reading everything was done and we were ready to push it to printing so that the would hit the market in mid April. But then came the pandemic and the LOCKDOWN. Everything was shut. Print houses were shut. The progress was completely paused. I was not sure what will happen with my book. Publisher also were involved in so many big projects with all of them on halt, when the work started again they had just so many books to get to market. Who cares for a new author dreaming about his first book. It took couple of more months to get things back on track.

Final Phase

It was only in early August again that we proceeded further with the book. Getting the ISBN, deciding the price and pushing it to print. Finally, on 27 sept-2020 my first book was launched on Amazon.

Getting Author Copies:

The author copies of it was delivered to me on 29-Sept-2020. I cannot explain in words the feeling when I opened that box. I finally had my own book in my hands, It was so overwhelming. The scent of new book and the realization that its actually your book, the one that you wrote. It was special. 🙂

Thought behind the book

It a collection of poems in Hindi script containing 26 poems divided into 5 sections. I have worked very hard on each of the poems to make them worth readers time. And I intend to motivate my readers towards a broader and positive outlook in life. Most of the poems are on social, national issues, some are about women and there struggles, their role in society. Each of the poem has a message to convey.

Amazon link to the book

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