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There is a saying famous for Lahore, Pakistan“If you haven’t seen Lahore you haven’t been born yet.”

Lahore is known as “Heart of Pakistan” , “Paris of East” and “City of gardens”. It is famous for it’s rich culture and lively atmosphere. People of Lahore are called ‘People with big hearts’


Prince Loh, son of Hindu Lord Rama set up camp on the banks of the River Ravi and gave his name to the settlement. Lahore touched the peak of its glory during the Mughal rule from 1542 to 1752. It was Mughals who gave Lahore some of its finest architectural monuments out of which of some I visited.

River Ravi

The picture I have attached is of river Ravi

Few years ago, I along with my aunt, siblings and cousins we went on a trip to Lahore. We started our trip from river Ravi as it is one of best spots for a family picnic. On the entrance, there was River Ravi Boat Safari where we saw boats of different sizes. We bought tickets and got into the boat to have a ride. Unfortunately, what made me sad is how the pollution have destroyed the beauty of the water that should be clear and clean, the river is just suffering under a busy road bridge.

Shahdara Bagh

There was a garden located across the River Ravi named “Shahdara Bagh”. That garden is actually the most beautiful part of that area. It is the site of several Mughal eras. Shahdara bagh is basically famous for “the ways of kings”. Shahdara means ‘doors of kings’. It was the entrance gate of Lahore in Mughal Empire.

I personally  liked that garden because of it’s greenery and Interior. We sat in there and ate few snacks. Shahdara bagh is a perfect spot for one who has interest in photography and natural greenery. Shahdara is famous as “Garden of Kings”. Other than gardens there are also tombs of Mughal empire which is worth visiting. Greenery is surrounded by different water features including an eight-point-star shaded pool.

Shahdara Bagh

We kept walking and exploring new places. We found this amazing spot filled with sand near the river and clicked the perfect picture.


We explored enough and headed towards most famous place of Lahore “Minar e Pakistan”. Minar-e-Pakistan (Tower of Pakistan) is a national monument that holds vast history. It was first time we were going to Visit our National monument.

It is not just a Monument but it’s surrounded by a beautiful park ‘Iqbal park’ with many swings. The total height of the tower is 70 meters, so we thought to go to the top of the Minare e pakistan through stairs but got to know that Gateways towards the top of monument was locked as many people  has committed suicide by jumping from it’s top.

Tower of Pakistan

Food of Lahore

Lahore is famous for its spicy, delicious variety of food. Chicken Baryani, chicken krhai, fried fish (food street) and Nihari are one of the famous food there. We went to a small restaurant and ate delicious Nihari with parathas. We ate beef Nihari which they serve with chopped ginger and lemons.

Badshahi Mosque

It was still not dark outside and we headed towards the famous “Badshahi Mosque” in Hazuri Bagh. Again, It is a Mughal era Mosque. It was worth visiting because of its architecture. We found so many places where we could take pictures. This mosque really has a great interior. I loved the marble domes. The external domes were also beautiful.

Badshahi Mosque

Now, it was getting dark outside and before leaving we visited Tomb of Allama Iqbal and Lahore fort. Mausoleum was crowded with people. I am attaching picture we took of Shrine of Allama Iqbal. In case you know, Allama iqbal is National poet of Pakistan.

Fortress Stadium

Another famous place in Lahore is Fortress stadium which consists of shopping centers, restaurants and sports stadium. We went there and found a lot of variety of clothes, shoes, bags and jewelry. We bought many beautiful shoes and ear rings.

What a great experience!

It was one of the best days of my life. I liked Shahdara Bagh the most because of it’s garden, architecture and water. Food of Lahore is definitely very delicious and one day is not enough to taste all dishes.

Mianr-e- Pakistan is perfect spot for picnic. If we talk about shopping; fortress stadium and Anarkali Bazaar is best option with huge variety.

Lahore is full of historical places and delicious food. It is definitely worth at least a full day visit.

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