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The last time I visited Dubai gave me the strange feeling that I won’t be there soon again, and seems like was a true feeling… so, I was asking my husband to go out to a place that a friend suggested me – called “La Mer Dubai”. All I knew about it, it’s that it’s the twin of Jumeirah Beach, but much closer to the north of Dubai, which wouldn’t take us much time to reach there, so my husband got convinced to that.

As much as I like natural untouched by humans places, I also like the clean, well arranged human made artificial places. I like to explore around and see new places. This gives me life 🙂

On the way to La Mer Dubai

On the way to la mer Driving from the north part of Dubai, it took us only about 15 minutes to reach the place. On the way we enjoyed Dubai under the sunset, which was just breath taking—>
Since this was the weekend, parking was a little bit of an issue, but we managed to find a place within 4 minutes.

While parking, I was already amazed by the beauty of the place, Sunset at La Mer looked so vivid, and the area looked super clean and well arranged.  Read this to save on your transport while reaching there if you don’t have a car.

What is “La Mer”?

La Mer, which means “The sea” in French is a new beach walk area in Dubai, located in Jumeirah 1 neighbourhood. It has opened just in 2018 and is full of many cafes, restaurants and entertainment around. In my view, it is a perfect place to go out with a family as it is very decent. The beach area and the entrance is public – no entry fee. Not sure if it would be crowded at the daytime, as most of the people would go for the water parks around.

What we did there?

I wanted to walk as much as possible, to see as much as we could from this interesting artificial place. Many other people were enjoying the area, taking photos, going for the entertainments around.

The place was huge, and it seemed to have a big choice of places to go for a snacks. Well, imagine, about 130 restaurants there! Why that all?

The bigger the choice, the harder it was to “land” somewhere, so we kept rounding till my husband regretted this outing.

And then the reward came. Coffee and Waffles at Amorino CafeA beautiful cafe next to a greenery around. It was called “Amorino“. We ordered some freshly made waffles with an Italian coffee and enjoyed a conversation. My husband doesn’t go out much and is not into this at all, so, sometimes, I gotta cheer up this always business mode.
All the restaurants in the area are working daily from 10 AM till midnight 🙂

But La Mer is not just about a beach and restaurants! This place would make you enjoy your life to the max! You know, when you had a heavy duty, working non stop for long and finally looking for a release – this is the perfect spot for your amusement! Around you can enjoy shopping, a salon or even go to a spa center! And if you came with your children, they will never get bored at this place!

Although, us-the simple ones – were satisfied with the free things around.

By the end of our outing we had a joyful moments at the sea. Many people at this time went to the cinema’s around, or for a dinner. The noise has gone. And we sneaked to the seaside and sat down on the sands, watching the clear dark blue sky. The ambience around was truly romantic and calming. The Sea Breeze took away all our troubles and tension. I would definitely come back again to feel the taste of the same walk.

La mer dubai beach

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