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     One day I was visiting a park near our house. There was a small zoo around there, which I entered to see, out of curiosity, but I soon got very disappointed. The poor animals were kept there just for the human’s little amusement. But it looked like their suffering is much more than our level of amusement. And what are we teaching our children by showing them or by taking them there as part of their Fun? What will they learn? How will they become good human beings? How will they respect each other’s comfort level?

Life in a zoo            

    At first, I just saw this tiger and took the picture. But after few minutes I started thinking deeper about life of that Tiger. His/her eyes were so hopeless and it was looking so stressed. Those “lucky ones” whose destiny is to live in the zoo and serve people’s amusement are literally being tortured, and there are many reports with a proof of the same.

    Still, there are some zoos that are actually taking care of the animals kept there. And they might be having even a better environment there. But the country I am talking about –  here in Pakistan, about 90% of the animals are kept in horrible conditions. The Elephant Suzi died in the Lahore zoo due to loneliness. What is the excuse? They deserve normal lives too. This is not just our earth. We share it with other species.

Live and let live

   I can’t forget that visit to the zoo, it was a sad day, and all I want to say, is that they don’t deserve this miserable life. Say “no” to visiting a zoo. We sure can live without zoos too. Or at least build a proper care system for them!

How many more animals will die of loneliness and diseases like kidney failure just because of negligence of the zoo animal keepers, and also by visitors? There should be very few zoos in the world with proper laws and rights for animals. They should feel safe and a “home” environment should be given. Or if we can’t do that, then just don’t open any zoo. Just watch animals in pictures and documentary. Let them live…

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