How it works?

In this page, we are going to explain how you can register, post and join the monthly competition for best story award. The page will also include tips on how to increase your chances to get your story approved and featured.

1. Registering an account:

Just login with your Facebook account, yes, it is that simple!

2. Submitting a Story

The concept of is to use a photo that you have taken yourself and write a story about it. you can make an archive of your memories and share it with friends from all over the globe.

A. Story Title:

A story title should be attractive, brief and consistent with the story content. Title should not exceed 10 words.

B. Main Photo:

The photo should be genuinely taken by the owner of the post. is not responsible for any copyrights breach done by users, users will be hold the fully responsibility for any legal consequences of such an action.

The photo should be:

  • With clear resolution.
  • Relevant to the story.
  • Originally taken by the owner of the post.

The photo shouldn’t be:

  • Purchased or taken from other website.
  • Showing identity of any person except for kids.
  • Containing any sexual or in-proper content.
  • Promoting smoking or drinking.
  • Including any aggression or discrimination content.
  • Exceeding 1 mb size.
C. Story Text:

A story is a scenario that happened at a certain time span, it should have a start, scenes details and an end.

The story should tell about the circumstance where the photo was taken, it should show the hidden part and speak out your feelings at this moment. To make it interesting, make sure there is message for someone or everyone, if it touches something for the readers, they will buy!

Authors are legally responsible for everything they post on Although the website keeps its right to delete the posts and ban users if there is a suspicion of any legally improper content, it is still not responsible on any content posted by users.

Text should be:

  • In English.
  • Genuinely written, any plagiarism will lead to story rejection.
  • with proper grammar and punctuation.
  • minimum of 200 words.
  • relevant to the title.

Text should not be:

  • Aggressive, sexually inappropriate, religious or politically oriented.
  • written in other language and copied from translate engines.
  • Promoting smoking or drinking.
  • more than 1000 words.

3. Getting your story featured:

Featured stories are promoted to the top of the website front page, it is definitely a booster for views, likes and shares which means a greater chance of winning. There is no straight way to get your story featured, it totally depends on the editors choice, yet, here below are some tips that will significantly increase your chances to get your story featured.

Tips to get your story featured:

  • Quality and relevance of photo, a quality photo is definitely a better interface for the website.
  • Planning with purpose, keep the story end in your mind and build up towards it.
  • Make your headline attractive, a teaser mixed with a piece of information.
  • Write a minimum of 300 words, a nice story cannot be less.
  • Make shorter paragraphs with compelling subheadings, Its much easier to read and compile (use subheading 4 in the editor).
  • Avoid long complicated sentences, be smart and simple.
  • Minimize the use of same expressions, be interesting.
  • Passive writing is not the easiest to read, write more in active form.
  • Revise and edit your post few times, you always find something to improve.

4. Points System:

All members of are automatically enrolled in this program upon registering.

Click here for more information about points reward program.

5. The Competition:

** Monthly competition is on hold till further announcement.

Click here to know more about the points system.

Rules and Conditions:

  • Spamming or creating fake accounts for receiving more referral points will be penalized by blocking the account.
  • Awards are received by users within 3 days from being announced winners.
  • We will choose the award preference found in the user profile by the end of the month.

Click here for more information about awards.

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