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Horses are the symbol of grace, they have been for centuries a source of power and pride for their owners. I have been always curious about studying horses, however, I had the chance to ride a horse only couple of times in my life.

The first time I had a horse ride was in the middle of the desert behind the great Pyramids. It was Since then, for years I didn’t go for another horse riding. What we couldn’t expect was to find this horse ride in the countryside of my city Varna. It was a totally different experience, riding the horses between the forest trees… 

Konna Baza Dolishte

Dolishte is a small village with a population of 400. It is famous with horse riding trips where the place of horse riding is called “Konna Baza Dolishte” which literally means in English ” Horses base in Dolishte”. The drive with the taxi from Varna took about 25 mins and costed 15 euros per way. The one hour horse ride costed us both 30 Еuros.

The difference here was that you get a guided tour with the horse trainer leading with another horse. It was a so relaxing time with a slow ride deep in the forest. I took my time to realize how the 3 horses were connected to their trainers in every move, action or sound.

That time I rode the horse in Egypt was feeling more adventurous with much adrenaline due to the fast run in the middle of a vast dessert. However, the horse ride in Dolishte gave me a great chance to watch horses closely, feel them and learn something about them in real. I adore this elegant animals, and till now I keep drawing them when I want to relax.

Are Horses Pets?

Actually, that rose in my mind as a debate and after some research. I found that it is a much bigger debate than what I imagined.

A pet is a companion animal that shares with it’s owner many things, it’s not necessarily attached to an owner, however it is generally not for a purpose. Pets are given names and raised in an environment adapted to help them live better.

The shocking info for me was when I found that the American Horses Council classify horses as livestock! What I always knew that livestock category of animals are those considered as live assets for breeding and investment. This includes, cows, sheeps, goats and generally animals used as food. Well,  got to know something new…

Actually, the definition of livestock in Cambridge dictionary is those animals breaded and traded for money, but this is not only for the food purpose, but those generally used for a purpose. And horses in the past had always a purpose for transportation and a very big rule in wars, they were warriors companions. Nowadays, horses are mostly used for sports.

So yes, as per this Horses can be both a Livestock and a Pet.

Are Horses Loyal?

Horses in the wild live in herds. They have a hierarchy and a highly developed communication in between. This fact makes them always looking for the family around. Their owner becomes family and they are one of the most loyal animals when it comes to protecting their herd or their owner.

Horses recognize the voice of their owner and many researches suggest that they also never forget previous owners. 

How Intelligent Are Horses?

I love horses and dogs for their fast learning and great communication with the owner. Horses, surely, are a different category, but they are still great learners. They don’t seem to be as obedient as the dogs, but, it does’t mean they are less intelligent than them. I think even they are more! Just still carrying their grace, and analyzing much more. Some scientists were saying that an adult horse is as intelligent as a 12 years old human! And watching them closely, I would agree that.

Here is a good read ” How is smart is your horse?” 

The Most Beautiful Horse

Akhal-Teke is considered as the most beautiful horse in the world, breeded about 3000 years back (also the oldest breed in the world), now native as in Turkmenistan. It’s color was supposed to be just the same as the sands in the deserts, now varies more and more. This horse looks magical, but it is also not rare to find. You can buy one starting from 5000 $ up to 100 000 $ !? True that.

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