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Healthy Food! Who else is just like me, loving plant food, exotic fruits, aroma coffee & sweets?  I rarely experience the need of consuming meat & seafood products, and when it comes to food my life is so easy, low budget and simple.

Living in Dubai made me very much concerned with the plant food. Why!? Because, believe me or not, the salad portions in Dubai restaurants and cafe’s are smaller than my already little tummy. I sure most of the times cooked at home, but when it comes to “a going out” and choosing a place to eat, it was a kind of an issue to me to find affordable healthy food in Dubai!

The Acai Spot

One day I was completing my work at the office and my friend, Irina, gave me a call, offering to go out. This was few days before I had to travel back to my country, so it was really a good idea.  Irina, came close to my office and soon we went outside, walking at the grand Sheikh Zayed Road. Both of us were already starving, as it was the end of the day, and she offered me to go to a “healthy food” cafe, called “The Acai Spot“.

She always wanted to go to this place. We discovered that there is one, near by the offices, so we went for it! Well, I didn’t care about it much at that time as usual, I couldn’t expect anything from a place there. I was only hoping that it won’t be so expensive😄. Because my friend liked to enjoy her life with all she got, while I used to save and save…

Affordable Healthy Food

So, we finally found it! There under a beautiful bluish glass roof, we sat in low soft coaches, decorated with bright purple pillows, facing palm trees of an area between the offices. The atmosphere was very pleasant, especially after I opened the menu and found out that I can eat well at this place within 80 AED(~22 USD) I was like: “Oh wow, promising me rich salads!? Are they like those salads that I would eat as my main course? Hm… let me challenge you! I was quiet sarcastic ordering a salad and a drink. I didn’t trust it until they served it.

Amigo Spot Salad

And yes!!! Finally they brought them to our table where I opened my laptop to check the new e-mails. I ordered a salad called “Amigo spot salad”, and Irina ordered “Cranberry spot salad”, which had chicken meat in it. They both looked really rich and full of taste, and were served in super big bowls! It was almost like a dream come true to me. I knew that day, that I found my spot place to eat at! And this would be my favorite one! A big bowl of salad for my soul! That’s all I wanted! And this is Dubai, yes! You get this beautifully served healthy and super delicious salads at a price about 45 AED(~12 USD)! Nice, right? And that could be all your meal!

Irina ordered a little dessert with berries after the salad, and I had one of their smoothies. We were taking photos, enjoying the atmosphere and talking. I won’t forget this day, as I found my favorite place to eat healthy food in Dubai, thanks to my friend Irina! Next time I’m in Dubai, I will surely call Irina to join me for a salad at the Acai Spot! How much I miss it!

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