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This happened in the month of august 2006 a story 14 years old. On that day, following my daily routine I was preparing for dinner. When I suddenly heard a scary sound and went out to check. I was shocked to see the water rushing towards our building from all sides.

We had shops in the basement of the building where the water started to enter. It was just like a water fall from the mountains. The sound was so scary that even today when I recall that day, I get goosebumps. The cars in the parking started making noise as the water entered into their electric system. It created a feeling as if they were shouting for help.

People started rushing to their homes leaving everything in their possession. The animals around started running here and there helplessly for shelter. We were safe as we were on the second floor of the building. Seeing the situation, we felt like the water will carry away the whole building. Hardly in span of an hour the hole basement was full with water and it started rising above the ground level and in the next hour all the cars were drowned or were floating around.

Still the cars were screaming and some of them who were running out of power, it felt like if they were drowning down to death. The animals which couldn’t makeup for shelter started floating around. People were throwing ropes towards them to help them out of the water.

Simultaneously, the lights went off, people started filling water in drums at their homes to save it till the floods settles down. People in lower homes started running towards their terrace and taking whatever essential they could grab. The water stayed for 6 full days. In these six days the whole building stood together as one family, to help each other with all necessities.

This type of natural calamities shows us the power of nature and makes us realize how helpless we are in such situation. The after effect of the flood was so severe that it took 15 to 20 days for everything to normalize even with the help of the governments of the neighboring states.

This realization also brought back a flood of memories and a deep understanding of our existence.

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