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It’s a story of two grown-ups, Roseveen and Keith who had recently completed their graduations and happened to meet each other accidentally.

Roseveen, had completed her Master’s in Psychology and was in search of avenues to work with renowned psychologists. Roseveen behaved decently and was too sensible when it came to having conversations. She often used to visit a nearby café called “Bubble Bee” to have an isolated space wherein she could indulge in her research work.

Few days passed until she noticed a guy (Keith) sitting adjacent to her table who quickly glanced at her. Yes, the guy was cute enough to be noticed, the so-called dream of every girl to have a tall, dark, handsome types guy to acknowledge her sight. To confirm his gaze, she again looked at him, this time their eyes met with a little long gaze from both the sides. Focussed, as she was, with an ambition to be a successful psychologist, wanted to avoid all the distractions just at the start of her career.

Days passed, and sometimes they used to see each other at the café but never shared a Hi/ greeting. Somehow, they got used to gazing at each other and wanted to talk, which was evident but even Keith appeared to be the epitome of decency and didn’t know how to start the conversation. Keith was an IT engineer, working with a renowned company and was figuring out options for completing his masters.

Keith hailed from a small town and was not interested in joining his father in their family-owned business and therefore migrated to Hyderabad city for education and got himself a job.

Roseveen was quite talkative by nature but took some time to take-off with strangers, though it no more felt like being a stranger with Keith, after all those earnest gazes over the past few weeks. At last, out of inquisitiveness to make friends with the guy, she gathered the courage to say “Hi” to him while she was done with her research and about to leave the place. Keith in exchange did greet her back and also smiled at her. He was tempted to talk more but could not start any conversation due to his overthinking as to what to say/ask her / what would be his impression in her mind.

While walking back, Roseveen couldn’t stop blushing and evade his smile out of her mind. She very much wanted to go back and accompany him and spend some time and get to know him more. As luck would have it, it started raining and she had no choice and return to the café to avoid getting drenched.

While thinking over how to start the conversation, surprisingly Keith approached her and offered to drop her in his car. Roseveen happily agreed and they both got talking in the car heading towards her destination. While passing by a narrow lane, Keith pointed out at a gated community where he stayed and asked if we should stop-by. Roseveen was game and after getting comfortable with each other they got engrossed light funny conversations and time just slipped by. Realising it had stopped raining and already quite late, Roseeven got ready to go, politely declining Keith’s offer to drop her home. Before leaving they exchanged numbers and bid bye to each other.


Immediately after she left, she messaged asking

Have I forgotten something?

Ya something, he said

What is that she asked?

Nothing, I was just kidding he said

Wanting her back, he said missed giving a hug, maybe that’s what is left-back

Should I come back, she asked?

Yes, you can was his reply

Blushing mid-way, she turned back

They both hugged each other, forgetting everything

A tight hug, soothing as it was, sealed them both.

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