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Dubai summer

Summer season in Dubai can get extremely hot where the average temperature is 40 degree Celsius, without even including the humidity levels reaching as high as 40%.

Aside from this, the skies in Dubai are most of the time, cloudless, so it is difficult to find a shade when outdoors. From the beginning of May to the end of October, it is very rare to rain. In other words, Dubai’s summers are no joke.

However, Some people living few years in Dubai like me will  get used to this climate and love when the sky is so clear, it makes a great stunning sunset view.

Dubai Skyline

This picture was taken when my friend took me for afternoon tea in one of rooftop restaurant where the view is toward to skyline of Burj Khalifa – the highest building in the world, I was amazed with this view and this vivid mixture of colors..

Dubai Budget Trip

Most of the people avoid Dubai during summer time, because of this hot and humid weather, However, discovering Dubai in Summer is much more convenient, not only financially but also the country have made their way to overcome this challenge of weather.

During summer, prices of hotels drop as low as 50$/ night for 4 stars room or hotel apartment. Everything is on promotion to the extent that you can enjoy a great holiday with 1/3 of the budget of winter vacation.

Even with this summer, morning attractions are still there with a lot of indoor activities, an example is the great variety in shopping malls, skiing, family indoor adventures like IMG world, wow, it is such an amazing place.

In the night, where the weather is cool a bit, you can go out for a walk in many beautiful places like JBR beach, la Mer or City Walk….

Alternatively, take a taxi or metro to go to DUBAI mall where you can enjoy a highest fountain show; take a unique picture with highest building – Burj Khalifa

Dubai became one of top list destination for many tourists, if you plan it well you will have an amazing trip with a low budget :). 

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