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Many people think that if you would like to travel to Maldives, you need to save a lot of money , spend lot of time to earn and save, keeping in mind the best time away of the high season.

I think this is because the image in most of minds that you will  stay in Bungalow Villa in a fancy hotel on private beach,  or you will have to book a seaplane to get to your hotel in a beautiful island or maybe a luxury dinner that will rip off your pocket  ..

However, with a tiny budget you can travel to Maldives and enjoy the beauty of this magic place.  This is how I and my friend did a year ago, and the picture was taken just before landing to the beautiful capital, Malé.

So instead of booking an expensive hotel in a private Island , we stayed in Malé, the capital in a 3 stars hotel. It was a beach view with balcony and inclusive of breakfast, the hotel was near the center, close to many convenient stores, restaurants and port which had a lot of ferries going to different islands.

As a regular part of our trips, we had to try the local food. It is all about seafood, this could be the best place ever serving it, delicious and fresh!

We booked a daily tour with a local travel agency to visit 2 different islands with a day pass to a resort. It costed 80 $ for both of us, The tour included pick up/ drop off (by ferry),  lunch and soft drink as well, Since we don’t drink alcohol, it was really a great fit with us.

This daily pass gave us access to all the hotel facilities, even the snorkeling equipment. After enjoying the beautiful underwater life and a bit of swimming, it was the time for laying down in the sunbed, feel the fresh smell from ocean & the beauty of sunset in Maldives.

On the last day, we arranged a full day trip to see stingrays and swim with dolphins. We literally saw over 100 dolphins, everywhere you look, there are more dolphins and what about snorkeling in middle of ocean? we saw Manta Rays, wow, that was just an experience of life. Unfortunately we didn’t have the chance to swim with sharks, however, this amazing trip costed us 50$.

That is not the end, as we couldn’t miss a final excursion before heading to the airport. we decided to visit a secret budget island named ” FLOWER ISLAND or Maafushi island,  the ferry from airport to there is just 2 dollars and it is really beautiful nature , walk around island, we also tried some local food there with as less as 3 dollars!

The adventure was so fun , we have made a lot of new friends ,  Maldives was really heaven on earth. You feel young,  free and you feel beauty in front of mother nature.

Arrange your luggage and fly if you are looking forward to experience nature, beaches , food, wild life, and the most beautiful sunset.

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