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Due to this situation world-wide, life has come to a pause. But the circle of life never stops.

Babies are born, anniversaries happening, kids having their birthdays and the most sorrow part is people dying too.

This is not a sad story so we will focus on happy times like a birthday. A kid opposite to my apartment had his birthday today, was looking sad as he knew no one could come.

His mother made him a cake and offered it to us while feeling not that excited as usually parents are for theirs kids birthday. My wife started browsing the internet for some gifts but the amount to purchase one had additional delivery charges making it not worth the price spent, she too got sad that couldn’t bring a smile on a kids face.

She shared the same to me and I told her not to worry. Got my kids suggestion as they are friends to the boy to know his likes and dislikes and made up my mind to print him this piece of Godzilla character which he is too much fond of.

When he received, it was so happy as if he got oasis in the middle of a desert.

My point here is, we always see our happiness in buying things for ourselves or others, but ones you make or create your own thing to gift it to someone, the happiness experienced on both ends is not measurable. It brings the feel to the creator the fulfillment of creating it and the receiver the joy of having something unique and specially made for him, the feel of someone special.

For everyone, the little extra effort you pay to make someone happy is always too precious to be skipped!

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