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I come from Bulgaria. My grandmother is Ukrainian, and my grant father is Russian, but I was born and lived only in Bulgaria. My father, who is Bulgarian was totally against – but I learned to speak and write Russian thanks to the persistence of my mother. I still see myself as Bulgarian.

 But here we go, one day I moved to Egypt.

After all we decided to stabilize here, in Cairo, with my husband. He is Egyptian.

I couldn’t imagine my life in a different country without knowing the language and it’s specifications. To me, this is not acceptable. Besides,  Egyptian Arabic is not like any other Arabic, but truly, it’s the easiest to learn! I spent months at my husband’s family and learned the basics of this interesting dialect of Arabic. It is really joyful to learn it while dealing with  native speakers. But would this be ever enough? To me-no! I kept looking for chances to find the right one to teach me the Egyptian Arabic. My soul needed this! It is such a waste not to deal with the local people on their language!

Finding my super teacher!

And one day, I found her. This was a dream come true – Rehab Khattab. A native teacher of Egyptian Arabic dialect, who is teaching Arabic in Russian! At first, I didn’t believe this. I thought it’s a joke…, but no, she truly speaks Russian language, writes it and explains everything in a way that will make you understand! People, she is Egyptian, and she speaks Russian as good as she could teach you her own language on it! For real. Isn’t just what all our huge Russian speakers community in Egypt needs!

I succeeded to go to Rehab’s lessons before my travel, and then I got stuck in my country. Now, arriving back to Cairo, trying to go back in shape, we are going to renew the courses soon. I am counting the days to start again with the next group. My preferred way is to learn in a group with others or individually. However this great teacher gives opportunities for online learning, as well, recently she surprised all our community of Russian speakers with an amazing book, which comes in a beautiful shape. I already bought this book and fell in love with it. I loved the way the language is literally served on a plate in front of you.  All you need to do is just to consume it. It is really not expensive to purchase this book, and you can get it delivered to your door, whenever you are in Egypt! It was especially made for the Russian speakers to learn Arabic Egyptian dialect. The content is very very rich and compressed. You won’t ever get confused.

It’s never the same without a teacher.

Many people try to learn by looking for online free opportunities. They find free books or free online lessons done my teachers who actually promote their works and real lessons. But everything what you get for free is just a bite, trust me. That’s never good enough, and why would you not invest a penny into a knowledge, which is actually priceless!??

Big thanks to my mom who didn’t stop teaching me Russian. It was hard, but at times like these – in a country – Egypt, another teacher is giving me Arabic lessons. And now I use my previous knowledge to reach my aim. How everything got connected! Now I really appreciate what was given to me.

I don’t get any commissions to write about this great teacher. I just wanted to write about her. People who give knowledge are precious and I really hope that ThePhotoStory allows me to link to Rehab’s profiles.
I would recommend Rehab Khattab to everyone who speaks Russian and would like to learn the Arabic Egyptian language. She can teach you this beautiful dialect starting from 0 – speaking and writing!

Rehab’s Facebook for direct contact and book orders.

Rehab’s website.

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