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Few days ago we enjoyed a beautiful trip to Alexandria (Egypt) with my husband. On the way back to Cairo he told me about the surprise he wanted to make for me – he was planning to take us to the Africa Safari Park, a place commonly known among Egyptians as Africano Park !!! WOW!!!

I couldn’t believe that proposal, because my husband is not obsessed with animals as me. I was sure, he was doing something special for me, by offering that. That made me happy like a kid. He knew I adore animals, but I no longer support the idea of going to a zoo or a circus! Because I really love animals and don’t like to see them suffer (and sponsor that).

Entering Africa Safari Park  Africa Safari Park Ticket

Turning right from the main road towards the entrance, we drove through a narrow path to get our tickets. The ticket is per car and it costs 700 L.E (Egyptian Pounds) and includes a boat trip. So, basically, you are entering a huge park with your car, so that you meet the animals and see how they are living. They are not supposed to be locked in cages, which I was hoping to see. But yet, I was skeptical towards this.


Our very first hosts were the Lamas!
Lama in Africa Safari Park

We entered a very spacious garden where the animals ran, ate, played and felt much freedom. They also owned little shelters to sleep in them and rest. They all were so beautiful and seemed to be happy, but I could touch only 2 of them. The other lamas were busy exploring around. Big eyes with hundreds of fluffy lashes were looking towards me and I just loved that feeling! I fed them and enjoyed for a while,  my husband also touched them!
Then we hopped back into the car and continued our trip as the time was pushing us (the park closes by 4 PM). If not the reminders of my husband, I   would stuck yet at the first station, with the lamas.

Deersdeers in Africa safari park egypt

So, reaching to the next attraction impressed us positively with an amazing art deers africa safari parkwhich was representing the houses of the Deers. Further I discovered that this art was enriching and coloring the entire park.
Most delicate and soft animals in the place. The Deers. How I loved to spend the time with them! Or between them! Their guard threw some food and seeds around us and I could enjoy stroking the tender creatures. My flower printed dress was about to be eaten by the hazel eyed beauties!🌸 Silly and cute! I used every moment to get closer to them. Playing with the deers was really something!


pelicans africa safari parkAfrica Safari Park provides a short information board in front of the house of each different animal. It’s good that we were reminded with some facts about the animals that we meet. The pelicans were interesting to feed and look at. They were 4 or 5 couples which lived happily together. The birds gladly welcomed tourists who came not just to look at them, but also to feed them with the provided treats. Indeed, pelicans were well tamed to go out to the path and stand with the guests for a picture.


The next station was at the chimpanzee’s house. We drove closer and Chimpanee africa safari parkstopped, then went out of the car to look for them. It was their lunch break and time for a nap. Their home was made of stones and had a lake around it. I think the family who lived there was enjoying it. The male came out once he heard a noise while his “wife” continued sleeping. The guy was scratching his head and looking at us. He looked not in the mood to host us. We, then, continued further. And that’s the time when I, for the first time in my life saw a Zebra!


She didn’t have a mate, but looked proud. Zebras are very wild and restive zebra safrica safari parkanimals. So I didn’t find a way to communicate with her, but we took a couple of photos with her at the background. In front of every animal’s house there is someone (guard) who watches and feeds them, so he made for us some photos. The guards would normally like to receive tips, therefore they try to make more photos or let you feeding the animal. In the end, it is up to you to leave tips or no. But if you are not ready to give such, don’t make them do more and more for you!


Opposite Zebra’s place were the shelters of the Ostrich africa safari parkOstrich! My loves! For me, this was the most hilarious part, even though I have seen these funny birds before. I couldn’t stop laughing all the time because they were extremely funny. How can I describe that!? The fact that their guard gave me to feed them, and then placed me between the two of them to take a picture….this really made me feel crazy and more obsessed about them. Just look at their silly faces! How about standing between two of them for a picture? Would you bear the cuteness? I couldn’t! I can’t forget this moment!!! Incredibly funny experience. I read that many people practice Ostrich riding. But I dislike the idea of that.


Since very young age I was interested in antelopes. There are four species of Oryx living in Africa and the Middle East. These in the park were Scimitar. What impressed me is that they had a big courtyard with an artificial lake especially made for them. And this is how all antelopes like to drink water. Other family or Oryxes was separated from the main one because they had a little baby Oryx. It was soo cute and tender!

The Camels

Camels in Africa Safari ParkWow! The next ones who were waiting for us at the gate were the two camels-the Arabian Camels, or else called Dromedary Camels. They were really huge! Their size was impressive, that they even scared me. I wanted to leave the car windows open, at the same time I was afraid and excited to see what will happen.
I opened for a while and the one on my side placed it’s head above me, looking at me from up and I was laughing so much. It was hard to enjoy or clearly see this moment from laughing! Was still trying to make a normal picture… 😂  The whole thing about this spontaneous “hello” was making me out of control. Funny! So much funny! Even my husband who is cold towards animals was laughing!!! My happiness level was to the highest!

After taking a breath from what happened, we began passing through a very narrow water path. It felt like we are in the jungle. We had to drive slow as we didn’t know what is waiting for us after the corner. For a while we stopped to watch the flamingo couple. The water path didn’t let us go out of the car, but it was ment to be watched this way.


leopard africa safari parkOur next station was at the place of the lonely leopardess. She was watching towards the visitors through the glass.  People were taking photos with her while us – waiting our turn, so we discovered why this beauty is alone. Her mate passed away as she teared him apart! But why! What a cruel lady! She killed her life partner, and probably felt good without him. Or maybe not? This smarty was trained to make an aggressive face for the shots, without taking any treats!


The next to enjoy was the family of hippopotamuses. Again, I fell into the hippopotamus africa safari parktrap of endless laugher. AGAIN! Why they were so funny to me? You only had to see how they are staying with their open mouths all the time, waiting for anything to fall into that big maw. It was a family of hippopotamuses who lived peacefully. Only his son was isolated because they could have an argument for territory. The oldest was the father who was 35 years old! They actually live up to 50!

Monkey attackmonkeys africa safari park

We spend quite long time with the hippos and I enjoyed them much. My husband was throwing food into their maws and I kept laughing and videoing this sight. But it was time to continue and see the rest of the inhabitants of Africa Safari Park. We reached to a gate that would take us into the house of monkey sitting on a car mirrormonkey from africa safari parkmonkeys. We saw 2 different species which lived separately. It was full of monkey families whom were going to attack our car and jump all over, so we had to close our windows.

By the time that the guard opened the gates and threw some food upon the car, the monkeys felt like they were enjoying the roof of their home. I accidentally opened a window and one little naughty baby monkey showed me her muzzle.

Again a big laugher… and again many photos. We slowly continued driving but one family (dad, mom and their kid) decided to take a free trip with us and kept sitting in front of the front glass. It was hilarious as they looked as they paid us the trip and acted so serious about it. We drove for some more time with them and then they took off. Here we saw the

Bears & Pearsbears africa safari park

The next destination was a huge place surrounded by an artificial lake especially made for the bears to enjoy some swimming. They were about 4-5 bears and we kept  throwing pears into their mouths. 🐻 The bears were very happy to receive these treats from us. In fact, this was one of the best looking areas in the park. Freedom & joy for the brown fluffy teddies!

The Hyenahyena africa safari park

There were 2 hyenas living separate from each other for a reason, and it was their lunch time. So I joined to feed one of them. My husband wasn’t hyena africa safari parkreally enjoying this part as the hyenas really looked evil. Yes, they are not from the beautiful predators, but to me, the one I fed, looked just like an adopted street dog. This was the spotted hyena and it was quite bigger than I expected! Just imagine, each is not less than 45 kg! The sun was so strong so we continued further.

Turtlesturtle africa safari park

The African Spurred Turtles were so many! I stayed with them for a while. The guard mentioned that the youngest of them were 114 years old. I was not sure if this is the true species as now I had to check that these live up to 70 years old. But they were huge. The bigger species of turtles are having a very long life span that they could tell us the history! How amazing the animals world is! 

Lions houselion africa safari park

The family of lions was at their afternoon break.
🦁The lion didn’t blink an eye to welcome us so I stayed beside the lioness. Lions are close to my heart and I don’t consider them as animals from the cats family, although they actually are! But they are too different, and their grace is indescribably beautiful. The son was isolated in a separate courtyard as they could have an argument with the King – the father. I loved to stay close to the lioness and would stay longer, if was not pressed by the time. We had to rush to make the boat trip and to see the rest of the park.

Parrots & the birds houseparrot africa safari park

We had the chance to take photos with the parrots and get really close to them. They were well birds house africa safari parktamed and knew how to pose for a picture. I extended my arm so that the parrot sits on it, and also they placed it on my head. Was fun! And then we went into the birds house to see how the other exotic birds are living. Their place was really good looking, as well they had an AC which kept it cool! I really wanted to spend some more time with them and talk with them, but we almost missed the last boat trip!

River Tour

boat trip africa safari parkThe captain saw us and returned to pick us to the boat. We joined with another family and went through a narrow river to see the water fall, where we supposed to take some photos. Myself, driving a boat for years, was really enjoying this trip! We saw little islands which were occupied by wild ducks, geese, rabbits, and some other deers. I noticed an interesting hybrid between a sheep and a goat too. It was a very refreshing trip!

The caveowl africa safari park

Last place in the Africa Safari Park was the cave. Here we could see snakes, lizards, bats and other smaller meat eaters. It was also where they kept the Nile crocodiles as they weren’t big yet. The most impressive to me were the wild cat and the gracious owl.
snake africa safari parkWe didn’t approach the python as this part probably needed some more efforts from the host to make us accept this dangerous deal 😋
At this spot visitors were enjoying some Zambezi Grill and little souvenir shops. There was a motel inside the park itself, for sure to create the perfect atmosphere for those who would love to stay at Africa Park for a night or more! Isn’t a great concept? Such a wonderful place it is!

My overall experience

In my opinion this is the best way to keep animals living their full-bodied life and enjoy some space, unlike in the regular city zoos. The ordinary zoo wouldn’t be able to provide all what could keep a longer lifespan for a wild animal. As long as the animals are not harmed and threatened, everything is in order and it’s fine to be shown to kids and others who never seen such species, as well for educational purpose. Actually, my secret wish is to come again to Africa Safari Park for a longer time and spend staying closer to the animals, talk with them. I would definitely repeat this trip to Africa Safari Park! But this story, is a memory for life! I specially thanks my husband who made this wonderful gift for me! I love you!!! 💗

If you decided to go there, let me give you some tips for an easy and organized trip:

  • Don’t wash your car before going there. The monkeys will anyhow make it look as if you didn’t wash your car for the past month…
  • Make sure you got at least 3 hours before visiting the park. It’s a very huge place and it closes by 4 PM as the animals are in need to take rest from the visitors
  • Don’t hesitate to call the company before your arrival. We did so and asked them all we wanted to know. They were very responsive!
  • You must pay the ticket as cash only. Also bring some extra 50 pounds for tips. The hosts are trying their best to make you enjoy!

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