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So, what’s the story behind this art??

I painted this during my textile designing course. It was my first Abstract art. I didn’t know about it at that time but my teacher told me to paint some abstract art during my early days of textile designing. I was blank, ‘abstract art, what’s that?’ .Then I did some research and realized that it’s’ actually amazing. So many colors on one object, so much independence of expression, so much shade on one page. There is freedom of expression in abstract art. Just Explore different colors of nature!!

It’s so much fun to display your feelings in such a colorful way. In a way that looks like a random piece of art but still looks beautiful because of different shades of colors. 

This is the one i chose to draw at that time. It’s not just her hair but the colors and different thoughts in her mind. A woman’s mind is full of so much emotions; responsibilities, fears, Love, hatred or desires to explore. What if I would have just painted her hair in black or brown color? That would reflect only her hair not that deep in her emotions. But this painting full of colors J  makes it attractive and worth looking for 1-2 minutes or may be more.

We can do many experiments in abstract art and it actually looks very beautiful when we complete our painting and give it a final shape. I personally believe that this kind of art is full of emotions and nature.

In abstract art, painter does not represent actual object in its original form but use different textures, shapes and colors to represent.

Abstract art is interesting for both painter and viewers.

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Learn how to do it with this video!

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