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We have been hearing this from everybody that hardwork consistently reimburses. This episode illuminated me with this very reality.

I was a 4-year-old girl ignorant of the race I entered in” the school”, the best stage. One day the class educator declared that “There will be an Extravagant Dress Rivalry i.e a fancy dress competition”. I was most likely not being a piece of it, as I was a serious self observer child. In any case, it was distinctly until I got back home and my mother got mindful of it.

The following days until the competition was extreme for me in light of the fact that true to form, my mother didn’t surrender until I said yes.

Furthermore, there showed up the competition day. As you find in the image I was a Young Paper lady for that day. The credit for the get up you see goes to my mother. This clothing came to me with “you can’t sit until the competition” guidance by my mother. This guidance prompted my further tiring battle.

I went to class. Everybody in the class were spruced up in various ensembles, to give some examples, are lion, sunflower, tree, rain drop, and so forth. Be that as it may, the main idea running all over my brain was “I can’t sit and by what method will I oversee it throughout the day”. After the prayers were over instructor reported that the competition will be held after the break. This bit of news got me broken. At that point after I accumulated my fearlessness and remained steadfast with my expectations high.

The clock went ticking and rivalry time showed up. Despite the fact that I was depleted I kept up to my mother’s words “Continue smiling and my truly young lady will win everybody’s heart”. Like each other kid I too needed to even think about winning, my inward me realized that the contemplative person nature I had could keep me down.

Then was the time for award ceremony….. …….any guesses? Yes, its me who bagged the first price

The battle changed my hardest day to the most joyful one.


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