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Having another busy day but still willing to make your dessert at home? I want to share with you a recipe of a super easy apple cake that you can’t ever spoil.

Simply, because it’s so easy to make and easy to change the ingredients up to whatever you like! I am not a cake master, and this is why when I am in rush I trust my own recipe. The recipe I tried many times!

My Apple Cake 

On the photo is the last time this apple cake. It only took me about 8 minutes to prepare the mixture. My husband and me don’t live a day without something sweet, so, yes… you can imagine how important it is to me to be able to prepare the dessert quickly!


So, all you need for this super easy apple cake is:
-a cup of flour (I use whole wheat one). Approx. a clear plastic cup size (200 ml ones) – must be full or little bit more, but not less!
-half of the flour dose sugar (half cup)
-3 small eggs (or 2 large)
-flavored yogurt (150-200 g)
– 4 table spoons of melted butter (MUST be cow’s butter)
-salt (1/4 teaspoon)
-baking powder (5 g)
-vanilla (on the edge of a knife)
-3 peeled apples (mid size)
-walnuts & cinnamon (as per your desire)

Apple Cake Recipe

Start by mixing the eggs with the sugar. Stir very well and make sure the sugar is maximum half dose of the flour dose. Next step is to sift and mix well the flour together with the salt, baking powder and vanilla.

I just place the sieve above the pan and throw all these on it. Stir well again all the ingredients together and only then you can add the yogurt and mix all together.

Truly, you will not experience any clots with this recipe. I like to change the yogurt flavor, I would not buy a plain yogurt for this cake, and this is why each time it tastes different. I still prefer peach or apricot yogurt for the apple cake.

Butter Rules!

Ah, and what’s the secret of this cake? The butter, of course. NEVER go for a sunflower oil. If you use such, you will have to use 2 x the dose of the cow’s butter, and still it won’t taste well😏 So, add the butter IN THE END and stir again, before adding the last and the most important ingredient – the apples!!!

You can cut them the way you like them and let them dance in the prepared mixture. I cut one apple into very small pieces, and the other two into bigger ones. IF you went for a plain yogurt you can add walnuts and cinnamon to the mixture.

In the Oven

This is the 8 minute mixture that you need to spread well into a lightly “buttered” tray (use out of the same melted butter) and place into the pre-heated oven. I bake it for about 25 minutes under 180 C, all depending on your oven and the size of the tray, of course. After this you can turn off the tray and leave the cake to relax for 10 – more minutes inside the oven to cool down by itself. That’s all!

 If you are new to dessert preparation or your tray is not very nice, use paper for oven baking. It is definitely a time saving thing, and not only. Washing the tray will be “a piece of cake”. As well, when you use the paper for baking you won’t need to put butter in the tray before spreading the mixture. If you want your cake to look “more attractive”, after spreading the mixture in the tray, place thin slices of apple above the mixture. After it bakes it will look very nice 🙂

It is my Favorite Cake!

A great time saver, easy to make and very tasty! With less fat and just one plastic coffee cup of flour. A great sweet escape for the sweet addicts like me! Trust me, because my weight is just perfect even after 3 years of marriage!

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